Logan Penington has been the drummer for mannheim steamroller since 2006. HE HAS WORKED WITH THE QUINCY JONES ORCHESTRA, The NELSON RIDDLE ORCHESTRA, Chuck Berry, ON CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES, AND OTHERS...


Logan Penington is a Milwaukee based drummer born on March 26th, 1980. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, he is the son of Chuck and Allegra Penington.  Logan began playing piano at age 6, which he picked up quickly coming from parents that are both professional musicians.  At age 8, Logan picked up his first pair of drumsticks and never looked back.  He began taking lessons from the best classical and jazz drummers in the Nebraska area, as well as studying with the legendary Jim Chapin.  By age 14, Logan was gigging professionally with various jazz and blues acts.

After studying music at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Logan decided to pack up his bags and join Carnival Cruise Lines where he honed his sight reading chops to a high level and became proficient in every single style of music ranging from jazz and afro-cuban, to various types of rock and pop acts.

At the age of 26, Logan was invited to join the band Mannheim Steamroller and has played over 500 shows with that group.  Since then, Logan has toured the country every Christmas time entertaining thousands of fans to sold out shows all over the nation. In the fall of 2015, Mannheim Steamroller released their latest album LIVE, recorded in surround sound at the Orpheum Theater. LIVE features Logan on drums and percussion. Logan has also played for other numerous big name artists such as Chuck Berry, The Quincy Jones Orchestra and The Nelson Riddle Orchestra.  

In 2015, Logan worked with singer/songwriter Sami Grisafe, who was named best rock entertainer of Chicago in 2013. Logan's drumming can be heard on a few of Sami's original tunes recorded at the Chicago Recording Company.

In 2016, Logan was nominated for drummer of the year by the WAMI organization and created his own cover band, Logan's Run.  A Milwaukee based power rock & country band, Logan's Run plays a variety of hits from throughout the decades and features female-fronted vocals along with some of the area's most talented musicians.

Logan offers private drum instruction in both the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. Contact Logan to set up a lesson.